Maxi climbing frame for children (set XL with slide) natural

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Color: Nature

Having your own playground at home is every child's dream. And we figured out how to make his dream come true. We came up with a large climbing frame that you can easily convert into over ten different versions without tools. Even the little ones enjoy climbing on it and even high-altitude climbers get their money's worth :)

And if no one feels like doing home gymnastics, simply place the individual elements under a bed or behind a cupboard. The climbing frame is made of high-quality birch wood, so it can withstand even rough treatment and will serve well for future generations. As you know, we are not indifferent to environmental protection and the future of our country.

The set consists of 2 Pikler triangles + low swing (cradle) + large slide.

You can expand the home playground with our other motor toys or connect them to a wall bar .

Who has fun with the climbing frame?

Toddlers and preschool and school aged children , depending on how you put it together. That was precisely our goal - to offer a motor skills toy that grows with the child and is always fun for children thanks to its different combinations. Even if the climbing frame is certified for children aged one and over, you don't need to hide it from the little ones. The little ones can initially crawl under the climbing frame and explore it on all fours; later the rungs serve as excellent supports when standing up. Of course, adult supervision is always required when playing.

What does the child practice during the game?

The gross motor skills that are so important for his proper development. What's great is that the child comes up with everything themselves and at their own pace, which corresponds to the Montessori principle that we strive for with every toy we make. You don't need any tools to rearrange the individual elements and thus increase the difficulty level of the motor skills set. You just turn the wood screws by hand and you're done.

Technical parameters:

Dimensions ( large triangle ): 51.5 x 63.5 x 66 cm (height x depth x width)
Dimensions (small triangle): 31.5 x 63.5 x 43.5 cm (height x depth x width)
Dimensions (swing): 21 x 63.5 x 75 cm (height x depth x width)
Dimensions of the double-sided board: 118 x 34 cm (length x width).

Thickness of the side panels: 8 cm

Load capacity: 60kg

Weight: 16kg

Distance between rungs: 8.5 cm

Color design: natural

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