Motor skills toys, active house for toddlers, busybox with lighting

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Color: Turquoise
Side A: Page with cute animals that need to be fed: a bunny needs a carrot, a dog - a bone, a cat - a fish! If you turn the heart, bow and ear and pull the funny noses, the doors open in the shape of muzzles and you can see what the animals have eaten! This game will develop your child's endurance, logic and coordination of movements!

Side B: beautiful house with 3 doors for different opening principles! A funny cat rolls on the moon and a bear on a balloon flies through the mountains! There are beads hanging from the moon that you can pull and touch with your fingers!
Side C: a door with a key that hides a real surprise - when you open it, you have to throw a ball into the hole that will pop out from below! A snail with laces and a hedgehog loves to be stroked on its belly hidden in the sequin fabric! The hedgehog also carries leaves, mushrooms and apples on its needles - loosen and attach them to the hedgehog with a cheerful one! The bright gear can turn quickly!
Side D: By pressing the switch, the entire cube lights up, which will delight your child! This function can serve as a night light in the dark! an improvised outlet! fun gears that revolve around you, they all start spinning together! Bell jar! A gear with colorful pebbles hides cute animals behind it! A long lightning bolt dachshund is carrying a gift and you need to quickly learn how to open and close it with a button!
Page E: Push light lights up when clicked and vice versa! The bee flies around the flower trying to collect nectar - as the bee jerks up and down, the flower opens and closes! A sorter of geometric shapes in the form of trees and flowers will plunge your child into a real fairy tale!

Material: high quality plywood class 1/2 - 6 mm
Color: multicolor, hand painted
Size: 35x35x35cm
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