Climbing triangle – light

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Color: Multicolored

A climbing frame that serves the whole family and with its rainbow colors is also an adornment of the apartment? Yes, you have come to the right place. We built a toy named after Hungarian pediatrician Emmi Pikler that allows children to safely explore climbing to heights.

Who does it please?

Toddlers and school children. Thanks to the large load capacity - 80 kg - several children can easily play on the climbing triangle at the same time . And slim adults can also use it as an aid during gymnastics.

Even though this toy is certified for ages 1 and up, you definitely don't need to hide it from infants. On the contrary. For example, it can be a tunnel to encourage the baby to crawl, and later it can be a great friend that the toddler leans on when trying to get up. The climbing triangle includes a lock to prevent it from collapsing and moving .

Why buy it for your home?

It brings the joy of movement into your home. Not only does the child climb up (at his own pace, without putting pressure on the child, such as in public playgrounds), but he can also crawl under the climbing triangle or use it as a secret hiding place covered with a blanket. The Pikler triangle develops gross motor skills , teaches stability, trains courage and supports independence and creativity.

To make full use of the motor skills toy, we recommend purchasing the slide with it. You can find more information in the Sets section.

Technical parameters:

Dimensions: climbing triangle approx. 66 × 76 × 66 cm (height × depth × width)
Diameter of the crossbars: 28 mm
Dimensions of the side panels 76 × 66 × 18 cm.
Weight: 8kg.
Load capacity of the rung ladder: 80 kg.

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The Pikler climbing triangle is made from birch plywood and 2.8 cm thick wooden sticks. The surfaces are treated with paints that meet the EN71 Toy Safety Standard for toys. If dirty, you only need to wipe the surface with a damp cloth.

We pay particular attention to safety, all edges are rounded and the bars are attached so that they do not twist. Part of the climbing triangle is also a safeguard against collapsing.

The product is certified for children aged 1 year and over . It is delivered disassembled, the packaging includes instructions and all accessories required for assembly.

The color tone in the photo may differ from the actual color of the material , depending on the color rendering of your devices and individual settings.

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