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The BusyKids Maxi Plus wall bars are made of high-quality birch plywood and the steps are made of extra-stable solid beech wood.

The Maxi Plus wall bars from BusyKids contain the pull-up bar and 4 modules . Ideal for children and adults.

The BusyKids wall bars can be mounted either directly on the floor or at a distance from the floor (so you can adjust the height of the pull-up bar and the entire wall bars to suit your child).

The wall bars were invented in Sweden more than two centuries ago. Since then it has served as one of the best aids for the development of motor skills and is actively used in medical rehabilitation. For children, the wall bars are a great support not only for physical education lessons and gymnastic exercises, but also for sports games at home.

What are the advantages?
A wall bars are a great indoor playground for children. Now your child can do sports at home. This will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. If your child climbs barefoot, their feet will be massaged. This leads to healthy development of the foot muscles. This simple exercise is an excellent prevention of flat feet. By gripping the bars with their hands, children also develop gross motor skills and dexterity at an early age. By climbing and hanging on the horizontal bar, children develop their balance and motor skills and strengthen their muscles and movement coordination.

The wall bars consist of modules so that you can determine the size of your climbing wall yourself when setting it up. In addition, the climbing wall grows with your child! As your child grows taller and can reach higher heights, simply purchase another module. You can also combine the wall bars with other BusyKids products.

We have reduced the distance between steps to 85mm to make it easier for children to climb up. And of course we also paid attention to safety: this step spacing complies with child safety regulations (EN71-8, 6.5.1. Head and neck traps in accessible fully enclosed openings).

Who is the wall bars suitable for? For children from 1 year and adults!

Additional Information
Please note that the Maxi Plus wall bars can hold up to 120 kg when installed correctly.

Module size: 47cm (height) * 66cm (width)

Pull-up bar size: 45cm*66cm*34cm

Size of the wall bars Maxi Plus: 237cm (height) * 66cm (width)

Weight of one module: 2.5 kg

Weight of the pull-up bar: 4 kg

The product is coated with child-friendly varnishes and water-based paints. Suitable for the following wall types: concrete, brick, aerated concrete

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We recommend using under adult supervision!
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