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Find our new sustainable uncoated collapsible learning tower!

We developed the learning tower according to the method of the famous Italian educator Maria Montessori, who was guided by the motto "Help me do it myself". This will make your baby feel self-sufficient and independent. You no longer have to worry about his safety in the kitchen because the safe sides of the learning tower protect your baby from falls.

Most parents spend a lot of time in the kitchen and babies love being around you. Children are often asked to hold hands because they are curious about what the parent is doing, and it is important that the children are at eye level with the parent.

With the tower, your baby can help you and develop their independence and independence. You can now trust it to wash the fruits and vegetables, whisk eggs or mash a banana. You will both be happy because you will have your hands free and time to cook while the child is busy doing something useful. Finally, it can now be e.g. B. pour a glass of water or wash a spoon. But that is not all.

The functionality of the learning tower is not just limited to helping in the kitchen, now your baby can also help you water the plants or dust. And you can use the multifunctional tower as a stepladder and with its help you can easily get something from the upper shelves. The learning tower is made from high quality birch plywood, carefully sanded and NOT coated.

This learning tower (like all our products) is made from high quality materials (birch plywood, solid beech wood), carefully sanded and NOT coated. However, this can make the mess created during use more difficult to clean. If your child paints the learning tower with a felt-tip pen, it will not be easy to clean it. On the other hand, your child's art will stay with you :)

If you would like to choose a coated learning tower, please check out the other categories .

Dimensions of the foldable learning tower:

9 2*50*47cm
Weight: 8kg

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For a longer lifespan and easy care, you can paint the learning tower yourself (or together with your child) with a wood preservative (oil or varnish). Please only use child-safe, water-based products that comply with safety regulations EN71!

The color tone in the photo may differ from the actual color of the material , depending on the color rendering of your devices and individual settings.

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