About Montessori® Store

We focus on sustainable, educational Montessori® Toys that support babies, toddlers and children in their personal development.

We keep the holistic development of your loved ones in mind, meaning that your protégés should develop holistically.

In our Montessori.store you can choose the toys for your baby, toddler and child that are best suited for your loved one's personal development.

The family business

The Swiss Headline AG was founded in 1969 as a cooperation and was converted into a family company in 1974. Headline AG has been family-owned since it was founded and has retained its entrepreneurial DNA to this day.

We are an innovative, creative family business that puts its services and products at the center of the customer. We have grown up in advertising and communication, so we are in constant dialogue/exchange with our customers, suppliers, business partners and other stakeholders.

Holistic thinking and acting is also what motivated us to do Montessori® To continue to build and expand the toy collection.

We see from our own children that learning through play is part of everyday life and we take our children's individual inclinations and abilities into account in order to promote their personal development.

Montessori® Philosophy

The focus is on the baby, toddler and child's own activity and their independent learning. This enables the baby, toddler and child to develop personally and to develop learning that is adapted to their development.

The baby, child and toddler acts independently and gains independence through active support. In order to develop freely, the child needs a free allocation of space and time.

We at Montessori.store support you in designing the environment for your baby, toddler and child so that your loved one has enough freedom of movement to promote their independence and independence.

The freedom of your baby, toddler and child should be clearly structured and full of learning opportunities that encourage your loved one to do meaningful things. With our Montesssori® You can use toys to design your loved one's environment to suit their needs.

Our Montessori® The range of toys guarantees playful, joyful, easy, quick and in-depth learning.

Montessori® team

Our team decides what, where, with whom and for how long they want to work. The structures of our Montessori® Teams are fluid, so everyone works where they can best use their own skills, endurance and self-discipline. We rely on our own goals, decision-making power and social skills. Everyone takes responsibility for their own actions.

This flexible Montessori® Team structure requires a high level of cooperation.

We see ourselves in the role of a helper who paves the way for your child to become independent. Your child learns the learning process themselves and has their own experiences.

With our Montessori® Wooden toys guide your loved one to learn and ultimately accompany your baby, toddler and child as an observer in their playful learning process.


Our Montessori® Wooden toys promote the personal development of your baby, toddler and child and are designed to help you as a teacher relax for a while.

Let your baby, toddler, child be independent, our Montessori® Discovering wooden toys, which means dealing with them independently.

Our toys comply with EU/CH standards and are therefore certified for quality and safety ( EN71-1, EN71-2, EN71-3, EN71-8, EN71-9, 1907/2006 REACH ).

We know the individual processes in detail throughout our entire supply chain, from the producer to you as the end customer. We constantly optimize these processes to ultimately provide you with a flawless, innovative, educational and sustainable Montessori® Deliver wooden toys.

Our Montessori® brands

We focus on sustainable, educational Montessori® Toys that support babies, toddlers and children in their personal development.