Bookcase & toy shelf

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Complete the children's room with this practical and beautiful bookcase & toy shelf.

The book and toy shelf set is perfect for inquisitive children. Thanks to its minimalist design, the set fits into every child's room. Living room.

The bookshelf is designed so that the book covers are clearly visible and that the child can choose the books according to their wishes. This accessibility supports the child's interest in reading and promotes independence. Montessori furniture teaches your child to safely store their favorite books and textbooks.

The toy shelf has a comfortable size that your child can use without adult help: organize the toys, take them out, play with them and put them back. The toys are easy for the child to reach and the space in his room is well organized.

Both shelves are robust, stable and are coated with a water-based varnish. The pieces of furniture have no sharp corners and their surface is smooth.

Technical parameters :

Both shelves are made from high-quality, painted 12 mm plywood

Dimensions of the bookcase 59 * 39 * 61 cm

Net weight of the bookshelf 9.5 kg

Dimensions of the toy shelf 59 * 39 * 61 cm

Net weight of the toy shelf 8.8 kg

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Assembling the shelves is easy and everything you need is included.

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