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You want to be one for your child sturdy wooden toy Get something that will give him a lot of fun at 1 and 5 years old? Where does it naturally perfect its motor skills? That is in line with the Montessori philosophy? Thanks to which you can create a “small playground” at home?

We introduce you to the Pikler climbing triangle, which enables children to climb to heights safe to explore . We offer the toy, the shape of which was designed by the Hungarian pediatrician Emmi Pikler, not only uncoated, but also in natural colors with colorless varnish and in various variations Mint and Rainbow colors .

How old children is the Pikler climbing triangle suitable for?

Even though this is a toy certified for children aged 1 and over, don't make a mistake if you buy it earlier, as children as young as 8 months old can crawl under it, crawl through it and then use it as a support when getting up. Fully enjoy the climbing frame Toddlers and preschoolers , not only as a climbing ladder, but also as a house to hide in (they only need a large blanket to cover them). To make playing as safe as possible, the climbing triangle also includes one Lock against folding and moving .
Its load capacity is 80 kg, so that several children can climb on it at the same time. And it also serves as a gymnastics aid for adults.

What does the climbing triangle develop in the child?

Above all, it brings the child Enjoyment of free movement . It overcomes one crossbar after another as it sees fit and gradually perfects itself. The child develops gross motor skills, stability and learns patience and independence. In addition to the climbing triangle, you can also buy a slide board from us (an advantageous set of slide and climbing triangle), which you can use to create a “playground” at home where your child can have fun, even when it is raining or cold outside.

The untreated Pikler climbing triangle (like all our products) is made from high-quality materials (birch plywood, solid beech wood), carefully sanded and NOT coated. However, this can make the mess created during use more difficult to clean. If your child paints the triangle with a felt-tip pen, it will not be easy to clean it. On the other hand, your child's art will stay with you :)

If you would like to choose a coated Pikler triangle, please check out the other categories . 

Technical parameters:

Dimensions: climbing triangle approx. 66 × 76 × 66 cm (height × depth × width), dimensions of the side parts 76 × 66 × 18 cm.
Weight: 8kg.
Load capacity of the rung ladder: 80 kg.

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The climbing frame is made of birch plywood, the surfaces are carefully sanded and NOT coated. All edges are rounded. If dirty, you need to wipe it with a damp cloth. However, untreated wood may not be easy to clean.

For a longer lifespan and easy care, you can paint the Pikler triangle yourself (or together with your child) with a wood preservative (oil or varnish). Please only use child-safe, water-based products that comply with safety regulations EN71!

The Pikler climbing triangle is Certified for children aged 1 year and over (although in our experience it also serves younger children well) and we recommend that it be used under adult supervision. For easier transport and to avoid damage, it is delivered disassembled. The packaging naturally includes instructions and all the accessories required for assembly.

The color tone in the photo may differ from the actual color of the material , depending on the color rendering of your devices and individual settings.

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