Learning Tower - Multifunctional Helper Tower 5-in-1 - Yellow

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Do you love multi-purpose toys ? Us too. And that's why we built a learning tower that grows with you , which has fun elements on the sides and from which you can even make a small one Can make a table with a chair . Thanks to the learning tower, your child can cook with you , help in the workshop or stand at the sink and reach for the toothbrush and toothpaste themselves. The learning tower develops independence and naturally teaches even the youngest children to participate in household life (for example, preparing the plates on the table that are on the top shelf).

Helps toddlers and also preschool children

The learning tower is 75 centimeters high , but is designed as a growing tower - the platform height can be in three levels - so that it serves the child for as long as possible. The side parts are sufficiently high and have play elements, specifically a ball track, a black magnetic board and wheels - gears and liftable wheels with joints under which pictures are hidden.

The front and rear locks prevent any possible falling out. But since we know that children are cheeky, adult supervision is always necessary when using them.

The supporting parts made of natural wood and the pastel colors of the play elements match any home interior .

Safe friend for independence

The growing learning tower is made from 15 mm thick birch plywood , which is finished smoothly and has no sharp edges. A larger child can move the tower themselves, but don't worry, the construction is stable and supports 90 kg . The surface is treated with colorless water-soluble varnish and is scratch-resistant. The natural look is suitable for any type of interior design.

Technical parameters:

Dimensions of the learning tower: 75 x 39.5 x 39 cm (height × width × depth).
Step dimensions: 37 x 10 cm (width × depth).
Platform dimensions: 37 × 30 cm (width × depth).
Platform height: 29 cm, 34 cm or 39 cm (adjustable in three levels).
First step height: 17 cm, 22 cm (adjustable in two levels) .
Material: Birch plywood, 15 mm thick
Color: natural wood
Weight: 7kg.
Load capacity: 90kg.
Recommended age: from 1 year

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