Motor skills toys, active house for toddlers, BusyBox with lighting, forest creatures

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Color: Multicolored
Page 1: House on a tree.
Ladder to the tree house made of lace that can be loosened and put back through the holes.
At the base of the tree there is a door that closes with a hook. Behind it lives the fox in a small room, which you can pick up and play with. Next to him you can rock the fox on a small swing.
The house itself is in a tree with a small door on the latch. It hides a small room with a wooden bunny inside.
The treetops consist of round elements containing colorful beads and sequins. Each of these elements can be twisted. One of the branches has three beads attached to rubber bands that are easy to pull and wiggle with little fingers.

Page 2. Fishing
Happy raccoon fishes with a fishing rod with three rubber bands and catches small fish, a frog and collects a water lily. The rubber bands can be removed and put back on the small figures
In the lake you can rotate a large circle in which the animals living in it change: duck, dragonfly, fish, water lily and algae.
All the figures in the lake glow beautifully when the backlight is on.
The bag is made of soft fabric and closes with a button with an elastic band.
Fun game: The box contains 6 tree figures in the shape of fish, lily pad and frog. The child needs to catch one of the elements on the elastic band to choose a suitable one from the set and hide it in the bag. This game develops a child's logical thinking and imagination.
Three gears. If you rotate one of them, the rest will rotate.
There is a bell at the top for sound perception.
An improvised base for developing coordination in a child.

Page 3. Squirrel
The squirrel has sequins on its belly that can be stroked in different directions. Next to it is a bag where all of the squirrel's supplies can be collected. Acorns, leaves, berries and a cone must be moved through the maze and placed directly into the bag according to color (e.g. brown cone to brown cup). With this element your child develops endurance and fine motor skills of the fingers.

There is a special mirror attached to the cloud in which you can see your reflection and not be afraid that it will be broken. When you press the switch, the whole house starts to glow from the inside

Page 4. The bear

The bear box is locked with a key on a chain. Behind the door a little bear cub is waiting for Papa Bear.
In the nest, a bird sits on a magnet that you can pick up by the handle and put back.
By turning the gear, your baby will see which fruits grow on the tree: a pear, a pomegranate, an apple, an apricot and a plum
Cheerful bear in overalls with zippers waters the berries and collects them in his basket. The berries are attached to the basket with a magnet.
The flowers are attached to beads on rubber bands that can be pulled.

Page 5 (roof). Puzzle
At the top of the box there are 4 mini puzzles with forest animals. Everyone has two parts
On the cap of the large mushroom there are butterflies, a leaf and a flower. They are attached to small Velcro strips so they can be torn off and stuck back onto the mushroom
Lifting the mushroom opens a window inside the large mushroom where the little worm is hiding
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