Wooden motor skills cube, children's toy

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Color: Multicolored
Wooden motor skills cube
This beautiful wooden motor skills cube is equipped with many play options; There's no chance of boredom. The large motor skills cube is designed in soft pastel colors and has many details with which small children can make their first discoveries and experiences.

Motor skills cube promotes the development of small children:

With a motor skills cube there is a lot to discover even for the littlest ones. The toys train the movement of the fingers and they
learn to distinguish different shapes
Spatial thinking is trained.
It is best played with two people, so that the little ones have to coordinate with each other. These interactions with other children are particularly important for your child's personal development.
Furthermore, ideas have to be tried out, because not every figure fits into every opening
Sound detection is also improved
Children's little hands learn to grasp and hold
Hand-eye coordination is also trained
Detailed description:?
Page 1:
- 3 doors with different opening principles! Various animals are hiding behind the doors!
- Mazes with up and down directions

Page 2:
- Funny gears all spin together!
- Improvised socket!
- Gear with colorful beads. The circles rotate and have funny pictures painted on them!
- Switch
- Bell jar
- The dog has a hidden lightning bolt

Page 3:
- Rabbit, dog, cat - 3 doors

Page 4:
- The door with the attachment, "The letter lock"
- Key on the chain
- There is a lacing on the wall
- Hedgehog and vegetables on magnet
- Gear with colorful beads

Page 5:
- Roof with cute trees!
- The battery-operated lamp lights up by pressing the handle and!
- Labyrinth with bee you have to rotate with your finger and carefully check who is hiding there!

Size: 35x35x35cm

Plywood, quality fittings
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