Miracle Cube - Aquarium

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Sensory Board, Soft Book, Montessori Toy - Miracle Cube - Aquarium
The most interesting sensory board!
It is the most versatile toy for children from birth. Finally, six pieces of felt with lacing can be easily transformed into an interesting busy cube, a mat, a safe border for the crib and even a soft book with the pictures of the natural world. And colorful elements stimulate color perception and sensory skills and contribute to the baby's development from the first months of life.
Soft Sensory Board has:

6 game elements, game pictures
6 ladybugs
Best Gift:

removable parts are convenient for a walk
is the best gift for children and toddlers, whether boy or girl
for the development of the baby in a playful way: you learn the world around you and also colors, sizes, directions, you develop coordination and fine motor skills, imagination, logic, attention and much more!?
It won't be broken, wrinkled or torn!
You can lick it and taste it, grab it, pull the laces and elastics.
It can be washed completely

Number of game pictures - 6 pieces
Size 1 piece: 20 ? 20 cm
Packaging size: 25? 25? 15cm
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